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Wisdom teeth removal

The last teeth to erupt are the wisdom teeth within the mouth. If the alignments of the wisdom teeth are emerged properly without disturbing the adjacent teeth, then everything is normal like all other teeth. Sometimes, wisdom teeth may impact the adjacent teeth and do not emerge properly or emerge partially

The impacted wisdom tooth tries to find the path in many positions to emerge out completely, as it does not get the sufficient space to come out it causes damage to the adjacent tooth and also affect the natural alignment of teeth which results in pain and swelling.

Due to the partial eruption some space is created between the teeth which cause the food to get stuck making the way for the bacteria’s growth. There may be even chance of development of tumor or cysts around the impacted wisdom tooth which cause destruction or damage to the healthy jawbone

Wisdom tooth removal procedure

It is the process of surgical extraction but there is nothing to worry, as our dental office located in Fredericksburg and Dumfries are equipped with the latest technology to ensure we provide the optimum safety environment to make the procedure easy and comfortable. After the removal of tooth, you may smile and normal functioning is restored.

When you visit our office for tooth extraction, we start with oral examination and x-ray of the mouth, to analyze the position of wisdom teeth for extraction. During extraction, anesthesia is used so that the patient should not feel the pain and the wisdom tooth is removed carefully. After the extraction of the tooth, the gum is sutured to close the site for quick and proper healing.

You may experience some pain and swelling. Use the ice pack to control swelling and stick to soft food and drinks. Avoid smoking and drinking for some days after the treatment.

For more information about wisdom tooth removal, call your nearest location Fredericksburg Office: 540-779-8858 Montclair Office: 703-454-8284

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I was referred to this office by a co-worker and have had pleasant experiences with the doctors & staff on every encounter. I would recommend this office to friends and family.

Very friendly staff & professional - Kelley B

Excellent dental office!! Dr. Farah and his assistant Lisa did a great job repairing a filling on my front tooth. The hygenist Amy was gentle but thorough and my teeth look and feel amazing! I highly recommend this office!!

- JoAnn Warren

I had anxiety which kept me from seeing a dentist for a long time. Had I known about this office I would have saved myself a lot of trouble. Dr Najafe, the hygienists, and staff are incredibly patient, caring, and professional. I honestly can not recommend this practice enough.

- Valerie G

The greatest dental experience ever. Dr. Najafe gave me back my smile. All family members go here and we could not ask for better dental care. They really care about every patient and make you feel special. I will never go anywhere else! They are the best.

- Pat Antosh
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