A soft tissue graft, also known as a gum graft, may be necessary after gingival recession or to correct an uneven gumline. A gum graft is a graft of gingival tissue to renew the health of your gums. During the grafting procedure, we will stitch new gum tissue onto the affected areas. This procedure is intended to supplement and restore the health of the affected gums.

This new gum tissue may be taken from the roof of your mouth or surrounding healthy gum tissue. Depending on your situation, our dentists may use gum tissue come from a tissue bank. Before your gum graft, we will determine which type of graft will work best for you. We may also utilize tissue-stimulating proteins to encourage natural growth and healing.

Our dentists may recommend a gum graft if you have experienced gingival recession. Gingival recession can occur because of periodontal (gum) disease or intense tooth brushing. Left untreated, this recession can cause tooth loss due to the lack of support from surrounding gum tissue. A gum graft can both improve the appearance and health of your smile! To learn more about soft tissue grafting and how it can enhance your smile, please call or visit our office today!