When it comes to straightening your smile, our dentists and team offer clear braces as an option for orthodontic treatment. Improving the alignment of your bite can improve the appearance of your smile as well as helping you speak clearly and maintain good oral health. Better alignment can decrease your chances of developing tooth decay and prevent your teeth from striking each other at improper angles. This can prevent damage to your smile. Clear braces essentially do the same job as metal braces and use a system of wires and brackets to move your teeth into their proper alignment. They are a suitable option for adults, children and teens.

Why choose clear braces? They are almost impossible to see, which makes it easier for you to maintain the look you want at work or when you are out with family or friends. They are also perfect for children and teenagers who may feel self-conscious with traditional metal braces. Many patients say that clear braces feel more comfortable than metal braces. We invite you to call our office today for an appointment with our dentists to find out if clear braces would be a good fit for your smile.