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You Have The Option Of Replacing Your Lost Tooth With Dental Implants

If you’re missing a tooth the least desirable is to do nothing. It's not just about aesthetic, replacing a lost tooth is required to restore the most extreme function to keep up the alignment of surrounding teeth, and protecting facial contours.

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Orthodontics for Children, Teens & Adults

Typically, parents should have their children evaluated by an orthodontic professional by the time they reach seven years of age. Most youngsters have lost some of their primary teeth by this age, and permanent teeth are starting to come into place. An experienced Northern VA orthodontist will be able to quickly recognize problematic areas and provide the proper appliances to treat misalignment or bite issues.

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How are Diabetes and Gum Disease Connected?

A lot of the time it’s painless so it often goes untreated until it’s too late. Approximately 25.8 million people in America have diabetes.Only 18.8 million people have been diagnosed with the disease which means that 7 million Americans have it and don’t know it yet.

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Tips for Oral Hygiene

In order to prevent tooth and gum problems, and to maintain a healthy smile, take these tips to heart to ensure that we only see you at your regularly scheduled cleanings!

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How Long Do Kids Need to Brush Their Teeth?

Try making the tooth brushing ritual something to look forward to. Have your child pick out a favorite design or color for their toothbrush. Then let them choose which of the many anti-cavity toothpastes there are that appeals to them.

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Features and Benefits of Zoom! Whitening

A-Zoom! Teeth Whitening procedure leaves your teeth looking white for a long time. But to get the best bang for your buck, make sure to brush and floss daily.

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Benefits Of Dental Implants

Dental implants are a good long-term solution for replacing lost teeth. However, they can be costly. If you are still having trouble deciding if you want implants or not here are a few things to think about.

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Bad Breath Stinks Prevent Halitosis

Bad breath is an honest-to-goodness medical condition that affects the sufferer’s self esteem, and in turn, his everyday life and personal relationships. That is, if he knows he suffers from it at all. Our own smelly breath is hard to smell, and so it may be difficult to know if you have bad breath,especially if family members, friends, and colleagues are too polite to bring it up.

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Benefits Of Invisalign

Invisalign® braces have many benefits over traditional braces. They are more comfortable than metal braces and do not catch on the sensitive gum tissue. In most cases, Invisalign® braces do not take any longer to be effective than traditional braces.

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Tips for fresh breath

An easy way to find out is kind of yucky but it does work. Stick a clean finger onto the back of your tongue and scrape some saliva from it. Put this on the back of your hand and wait for a minute. Now smell your hand. If you don’t feel it’s something you’d want to be around then let’s look at what can be done about it.

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DEXIS Platinum Sensor

DEXIS Platinum Sensor has improved its sensor housing to maximize the comfort of patients. With new image capture and processing technology, DEXIS Platinum Sensor is truly simple to use with gold-plated USB plug, and don't need any docking station or adapter. Combining all the complex technology into a tiny sensor is a remarkable achievement by DEXIS Platinum Sensor.

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Can Adults Get Braces?

If you looked at the people wearing metal and wire braces these days, you could be forgiven thinking that only children can wear braces. You rarely, if ever, see an adult with that kind of hardware on their teeth.

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Trusted Dental Implants

If you looked at the people wearing metal and wire braces these days, you could be forgiven thinking that only children can wear braces. You rarely, if ever, see an adult with that kind of hardware on their teeth.

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Types Of Cosmetic Dentistry

When you think about it, it makes sense. Straight, white teeth are a sign of success in our society. Models in advertisements and movie stars on the silver screen all make us desire that looks for ourselves. We can’t all have Brad Pitt’s body, but we can have his winning smile.

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Professional Teeth Whitening Potential Risks Watch

There are some things you should know before you decide to do this. Over-the-counter mouthpiece trays are based on the “one size fits all” method. But this doesn’t work for everyone because the bleaching agent often seeps under the tray and onto your gums.

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Natural Teeth Whitening Ideas

Whitening your teeth can significantly boost your confidence and self-esteem. Whiter teeth make you appear younger and ensure a good first impression. With a little bit of patience you can successfully whiten your teeth from home.

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Teeth Whitening Treatment

Everyone wants to boost a bright, white smile that they can be proud of, but doing so is a lot harder than it sounds. With all the coffee, wine, smoking and other foods that have the ability to stain our teeth on a daily basis, even proper maintenance sometimes leaves them a little lackluster.

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Affordable Dentures

Dentures can get a little pricey they can be very helpful if you need them. Also, there are different types of dentures and depending on what you need you can save some money depending on type.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Services

If you need a cosmetic dentist in the Fredericksburg, VA or the Montclair, VA area, Fredericksburg & Montclair Family Dentistry has you covered! We offer advanced technology and a professional staff with extensive experience in cosmetic and family dentistry procedures. We offer procedures so advanced that our patients come from all over the Washington DC Metro area for their orthodontic needs.

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I was referred to this office by a co-worker and have had pleasant experiences with the doctors & staff on every encounter. I would recommend this office to friends and family.

Very friendly staff & professional - Kelley B

Excellent dental office!! Dr. Farah and his assistant Lisa did a great job repairing a filling on my front tooth. The hygenist Amy was gentle but thorough and my teeth look and feel amazing! I highly recommend this office!!

- JoAnn Warren

I had anxiety which kept me from seeing a dentist for a long time. Had I known about this office I would have saved myself a lot of trouble. Dr Najafe, the hygienists, and staff are incredibly patient, caring, and professional. I honestly can not recommend this practice enough.

- Valerie G

The greatest dental experience ever. Dr. Najafe gave me back my smile. All family members go here and we could not ask for better dental care. They really care about every patient and make you feel special. I will never go anywhere else! They are the best.

- Pat Antosh
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