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Tooth loss, as an adult, whether is be from an accident or disease, can be extremely debilitating. Missing teeth can lead to a variety of issues from the inability to effectively chew your food to the loss of self-esteem. To avoid the myriad of problems associated with tooth loss many patients turn to dental implants. Here at Montclair Family Dentistry we are proud to be able to restore and create beautiful smiles, providing our patients with the confidence they deserve.

What are Dental Implants?

The dental implant simply replaces your natural tooth root. The root of the tooth is responsible for firmly establishing the natural tooth in the oral cavity. All tooth replacement options, with the exception of dental implants, fail to protect the integrity of the surrounding jawbone. Without your natural tooth or an implant, the bone continues to diminish in the area of the tooth loss. Continued bone loss can lead to the deterioration of adjacent teeth, and change in facial structure and features.

Dental implants not only preserve and stimulate the surrounding bone but they also provide the platform for the dental crown, thereby restoring your smile. The dental implant (multiple implants can be placed at once if necessary) is positioned directly into the bone, where it will integrate with the bone tissue to give greater stability to the implanted tooth. After approximately four months the implant(s) will be ready to be restored. Depending on your specific needs this can be a single crown, an implant supported bridge, or an implant supported denture.

Dental Implant Surgery

You are a potential candidate for dental implant surgery if you are in good overall health, and you have a stable jawbone. Our dentist asks questions about the medical history of the patient before performing dental implant surgery, as certain chronic and uncontrollable health conditions interfere with the healing after surgery.

Do you want to replace your missing or lost teeth? Make an appointment and visit our office in Montclair, Virginia. Our dentist can answer all your questions regarding dental implants and tell you how it can help improve your oral health (703) 441-2044.

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